WorkWell Introduces ErgoStart Program to Boost Hiring and Retention

Ergonomics Assessments and Health Strategies to Ensure Employees Can Safely Perform their Work

Duluth, Minnesota – March 17, 2022 — WorkWell, the experts in preventing and treating sprains, strains, and back pain, today announced ErgoStart, a new program that assesses the worker and the work environment to help ensure workers can safely perform physical job tasks. The program includes a combination of ergonomics assessments and interventions, work practices, education, and health strategies for new and existing employees to help improve workplace safety and reduce injuries.

The dual challenges of a tight labor market and the great resignation have increased stress on hiring and retention and changed employee screening patterns. As a result, some organizations have waived traditional post-offer employee testing with concerns that it creates friction in developing a workforce. However, individuals not screened before starting work can still risk musculoskeletal injuries.

WorkWell’s ErgoStart Program helps organizations prevent workplace injuries without disrupting the hiring process by incorporating job-specific ergonomic assessments and health strategies during orientation and onboarding. Boosting worker preparedness at transition points on the hire to retire continuum helps keep employees safe and increases retention. Additionally, to optimize task performance, highly trained therapists conduct assessments, review essential job tasks, deliver ongoing job-specific ergonomics, body mechanics education, and work readiness recommendations, even with job changes.

“WorkWell provides a continuum of wellness services throughout the entire employee lifecycle,” said Karil Reibold, chief executive officer at WorkWell. “We help employers evolve their healthy worker philosophy using post-hire risk reduction and health strategies to minimize musculoskeletal injury risk while promoting worker health. Often health conditions or job changes result in a decline in a workers’ performance and supporting workers through these transitions is pivotal to a culture of safety.”

Benefits of WorkWell’s ErgoStart program:

  • Can be scheduled pre or post worker’s start date, so there is no impact on the worker’s start date
  • No employees are excluded from employment, so there is no reduction in the hiring pool
  • Decreases employee turnover
  • Assists employees with progressive adaptation to the job demands and performance of their job
  • Includes educational components to help reduce injury risk and promote a culture of safety
  • Reduces the number of worker’s compensation claims


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