WorkWell’s 10,000 Credentialed PT/OT Provider Network is Second to None

May 11th , 2021

We know that musculoskeletal health is key to employee wellness and performance and that onsite physical therapists (PTs) can help your employees obtain optimum health. But how do you know your onsite provider is up to the task? Have they received advanced workplace injury prevention and […]

WorkWell Bolsters Workplace Safety with New Training for PTs and OTs

May 4th , 2021

Last week we announced the WorkWell Provider Learning Center, a new a new innovative learning platform that enables PTs and OTs to continually improve MSK wellness knowledge and skillsets. This new learning management platform provides occupational health providers with an advanced learning […]

Recognize World Day for Safety and Health at Work with These Tips

April 27th , 2021

The International Labour Organization (ILO) observed the first World Day for Safety and Health at Work on April 28, 2003. Since then, the United Nations (UN) and other organizations have embraced April 28 as a day to raise awareness and promote ideas that help create safe and healthy workplaces […]

Five Ways Outdated Functional Job Descriptions Put You at Risk

April 22nd , 2021

Whether your workers have been employed for years, or you have some job openings to fill, you should periodically review and update all Functional Job Descriptions (FJDs). While the job’s professional requirements and skills may still be accurate, the physical demands of the role may have […]

Improve your POET Processes with these Five Helpful Tips

April 14th , 2021

Filling open positions can be a time-consuming challenge, especially when the job has significant physical requirements such as heavy lifting, carrying, or even climbing. While you don't want to turn away qualified candidates, everyone wins when a new hire can safely and ably perform the job's […]

Take the Guesswork out of OSHA Compliance

April 6th , 2021

If you’ve never heard of OSHA's letters of interpretation or if you have heard and you aren’t quite sure what they are, this post is for you.

Why Work Readiness is the Key to Preventing Sprains, Strains and Back Pain

March 30th , 2021

The objective of work readiness programs is to ensure workers can safely perform the physical duties of a job. It starts with a functional capacity evaluation (FCE) to compare the worker’s physical capabilities to the work requirements outlined in the functional job description. An individual’s […]

11 Work Safety Organizations You Need to Know

March 23rd , 2021

Going to work each day puts millions of workers in the United States at risk for work-related injuries and illnesses that can cause serious health problems – both long and short term. There are numerous industry and government organizations that are working to provide a safer workplace. Check […]

Why it's so Important to Manage MSK Health Throughout the Employee Journey

March 16th , 2021

Maintaining a best-in-class corporate safety culture means taking a holistic approach to employees’ wellbeing throughout their tenure – from the moment of hire until they leave the company. This means taking proactive steps to reduce work injuries, such as providing work readiness programs and […]

How Musculoskeletal Health Affects Total Employee Wellness

March 10th , 2021

In today's video, Brian Boyle, PT/DPT, talks about how musculoskeletal health affects total employee wellness.

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