The Best Way to Reduce Work Injuries May Be Functional Job Descriptions

March 2nd , 2021

When making a hiring decision, you want to select the best person for the job based on the candidate's skills, availability, and years of experience. Most importantly, you should consider the candidate's ability to safely and repeatedly perform the work duties based on a firm understanding of […]

Do you know How to Decrease your Manufacturing Injury Costs?

February 23rd , 2021

Tasks in the manufacturing industry are inherently physical. So, it stands to reason that musculoskeletal (MSK) wellness would be critical to employee productivity. Workers' mobility, balance, agility, and coordination all rely on the musculoskeletal system. Specific work activities including, […]

Five Ways Your Organization May Be Contributing to Worker Presenteeism

February 16th , 2021

Managers may be pleased to see all their employees at work, but it's not a good thing if some of them are ill or hurting. The problem is called presenteeism, defined as employees coming to work sick or injured, keeping them from being fully productive. Workers who aren't feeling well can't […]

Do You Know the Four Elements of an Effective Workplace Safety Program?

February 9th , 2021

Business owners and safety managers share a common goal – nobody wants to see workers get hurt on the job. Musculoskeletal disorders and injuries are costly to both employees and their workplace. An injured worker must be replaced, perhaps with someone not as well trained or proficient, […]

Why Job Coaching is Vital to a Positive Safety Culture

February 2nd , 2021

In today's video, Brian Boyle, PT/DPT, talks about job coaching. What is job coaching, and what does good job coaching look like?

Why Proactive Manufacturing Ergonomics Are Effective at Reducing Injuries

January 26th , 2021

Workers of all ages can develop musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) from overexertion, lifting heavy items, bending/stretching, and working in awkward positions. These disorders develop gradually over time or appear suddenly from straining to complete specific tasks.

OSHA MSDs - Now What? How Onsite PT Can Help

January 19th , 2021

In today's video, Brian Boyle, PT/DPT, talks about OSHA prevention and how it differs from treatment or an OSHA recordable injury.

6 Tips for Keeping a 5-Generation Workforce Safe & Productive

January 12th , 2021

As many older US workers continue to postpone retirement or rejoin the workplace, some organizations now see four or even five generations of individuals working together.

Workplace Safety Trends You Need to Know for 2021

January 5th , 2021

Savvy organizations understand that helping their workforce stay safe and healthy makes good business sense. With workforce injury costs averaging $1B/week, more employers are investing in employee safety and well-being to reduce expenses long term.

Why Onsite PT is a Smart Choice for Your Wellness Program

December 15th , 2020

Research by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reveals that work-related injuries and accidents average over 880,000/year, costing U.S. firms more than $62 billion in 2018. Many of these injuries are musculoskeletal disorders and are usually preventable with early intervention and […]

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