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Boost Your Safety Culture with a Comprehensive MSK Strategy Now

Employers understand the importance of workplace safety and typically have a program in place. In some cases, the executive team has talked the talk but is struggling to walk the walk. Point solutions have been implemented in other cases, and the organization isn’t getting the expected results.

Do you even have the right program in place? Maybe not.

Often, it’s because “safety” can mean different things to different people. Risk Management teams may worry about complying with federal labor laws, whereas HR is concerned with employee recruitment and retention. And Environment, Health, and Safety (EHS) Managers focus on protecting workers from hazardous working conditions.

These business priorities may overlap and support each other. Still, it’s difficult for large, siloed organizations to collaborate and work as a cross-functional team, even with cross-functional ergonomics committees. Instead, each department works independently on its safety initiatives, leading to duplication of effort or missed opportunities to improve employees’ well-being across the entire organization. Firms must break out of their departmental mindsets and collaborate on shared objectives for maximum effectiveness. However, entrenched ways of operating and business policies can make this challenging.

Smaller organizations struggle with a different dilemma – a lack of resources. They typically lack dedicated EHS or risk management groups, leaving operations managers to juggle numerous workplace safety projects that they may not have the staffing or in-house expertise to handle.

In the video below, Brian Boyle, PT, DPT talks about why you may need MSK consulting and Strategy services.


The Value of MSK Consulting Services

Organizations without an MSK health strategy can have higher injury rates and problems with employee retention. If your organization wants to develop an in-house MSK health program, but you don’t know where to start, consider hiring an experienced MSK consulting services company. Their guidance will let you address MSK risk factors and enact workplace safety best practices.

An outside consulting firm can break through departmental barriers in large organizations and bring various groups together to address safety concerns. Whether starting from scratch or trying to improve existing health programs, an expert advisory team can recommend targeted actions that enhance your organization’s MSK injury prevention efforts.

The right MSK consulting firm can help small organizations on a budget implement coordinated, impactful employee wellness programs versus individual point solutions that deliver limited success. They can tailor these programs to your organization’s industry and MSK challenges.

When employees feel good, they work better and are more motivated. A strategic plan to resolve injuries enables people to deliver their best work. An MSK Strategy and Consulting Services company like WorkWell can help you implement effective programs offering exceptional business value.

Why Workwell?

WorkWell, the experts in preventing and treating sprains, strains, and back pain, now offer MSK Strategy and Consulting Services that enable organizations to minimize MSK injuries and improve employee well-being.

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