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APTA CSM: Grow Revenue with PT Training for the Modern Workforce

CSM APTA 2020With 5 generations in the workforce, it’s a great time for workplace physical therapy to shine.  New needs. More personalization. Are you ready? Learn how at APTA’s Combined Sections Conference in Denver, CO.

WorkWell’s Easy Train offers the fast path to get ready.  

  • Grow revenue for your hospital.  Add new services to provide a 1-stop shop for employers who need prevention, therapy and medical services. Plus, injury prevention for your internal team. 
  • Grow revenue as a private practice.  Add new services to diversify revenue. More reimbursements – cash-based services.

Onsite services, functional job analysis, work rehab and much more.  CEU credits. Online and in-person. Top program – 10,000 providers trained.

Stop by Booth #627 at APTA Combined Sections in Denver, CO to learn more.  To make an appointment, contact us today.