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Case Study: How Onsite Physical Therapy Clinics Save Dollars

Case Study How Onsite Physical Therapy Clinics Save DollarsDon’t miss this great article on how companies are saving money with a new approach. An article in Employee Benefit News, On-site physical therapy clinics can save thousands on injury and medical costs, details the many advantages of onsite physical therapy has in helping keep workers productive and addressing injury quickly and cost effectively.

Convenience: Treatment when they need it and where they need it. When injury occurs with no onsite clinic, employees have to leave work, travel to a clinic, wait to be seen and hope insurance covers the visit. Onsite clinics make it quicker to get help and easier for the employee.

Cut thru the red tape: Referrals, denied claims, limited afterhours, authorizations – so many hoops to jump through just to get treatment for injuries. An onsite physical therapy clinic cuts the insurance company bureaucracy, paperwork and limited benefits.

Time saver: Instant access and no time away from work, onsite physical therapy keeps workers on the job getting help one-on-one from someone who knows their job and their jobsite.

If you’re assessing moving to an onsite physical therapy clinic, WorkWell specializes in onsite physical therapy services. And it’s easier than you think. If you’ve got a small 8×10 space and some minimal equipment, you can create an onsite clinic. An experienced vendor can take care of the whole program for you, including reporting on results.

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