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Essential Workers - Use Your Onsite PTs to Manage COVID

Essential Workers Use PTPhysical therapists (PTs) have been deemed essential workers – and for good cause.  Here is how they can help in this unprecedented crisis.

If employees worry about having COVID, onsite PTs can monitor vital signs (temperature, pulse, blood pressure) and provide educational materials and support based on the employees’ symptoms. They can reassure employees about symptoms and best next steps.  You’ll have another resource to help an overwhelmed nurse.

Since a PT takes care of employees right at the worksite, it also helps keep people out of the doctor offices and ERs.  That eases the burden of overcrowded hospitals and overworked first responders and also limits the exposure of those seeking the care.

Your onsite PT also offers a wealth of knowledge that can be shared with your team.  In this complicated time, a PT can help your employees with:

  • Education on infection control
  • Social distancing reminders and education
  • Stress management and mental wellness

 If you’d like additional insights on PTs or information for COVID planning, contact WorkWell today.