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Onboarding new hires in a physically demanding job


In today’s edition of WorkWell Prevention and Care Tips, Brian Boyle, PT, DPT, discusses onboarding new employees for physically demanding jobs.

Hiring and retention are critical objectives for employers today.  The competition for hiring and retaining the right talent is higher than ever.  Employers that have physically demanding jobs have their own set of challenges.  New hires are often not used to the job’s physical demands and often leave within the first three months.  

But there are ways to help onboard and retain employees in a physically demanding job.  By utilizing an onsite MSK clinic and therapist right from new hire orientation, they can work with new hires to understand the job’s demands, how to remain safe and uninjured, and work with the employee right in their environment.   

Employees that feel supported by their employer stay on the job. Take a listen. 

“I was super appreciative that the company cared enough about me to offer the program. This is the only company that has ever done something like this.”
                    Darryl, Food Distribution Employee