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WorkWell's New Website is Live!

Here at WorkWell, we're used to change. 

Our team is obsessed with preventing injuries, providing optimal care for your employees, and creating an environment where employees feel safe and valued. Every day, we continually develop best practices for injury prevention and treatment and are constantly monitoring and implementing new compliance rules and regulations.

Today we are excited to announce that we have evolved our brand platform and are launching a new brand identity and new website. We saw an opportunity to create a more impactful online presence that's better aligned with our industry leadership and innovative, resilient spirit.

After several months of hard work, we are delighted to launch our new website. Check it out here.

Our goal for the new website is to provide our customers and visitors with an easier way to learn about WorkWell's services and programs. We wanted to modernize the look and feel, make it easier to navigate, more user-friendly, and guide our visitors to helpful information.

In addition, our logo has been updated with a modern look to reflect who we are today and symbolize our dynamic future.  As we redesigned the creative, we wanted to match our visual identity with our overarching mission. Conveying this link between identity and promise is the foundation for any successful brand.

The phoenix is a symbol of hope and safety.

  •  The new logo symbolizes safety and caring which reflects our mission to help companies create a world-class safety culture by managing their most valued assets - their employees.  The phoenix’s upward motion is a visual representation of the importance of treating employees throughout their entire employment journey - before, during and post-employment as they transcend to future success.  
  • The phoenix also symbolizes knowledge and communication. WorkWell’s industry-leading provider training keeps our PTs/OTs informed and educated so that they deliver the best outcomes for their clients. We value the effectiveness of our managed on-site care programs and believe that employee communication and engagement are vital to any safety program and helps companies identify risks, prevent injuries and keep their employees at work. 
  • The phoenix also symbolizes overcoming adversity. Being able to move without pain is critical to an individual's productivity and livelihood. WorkWell's musculoskeletal wellness solutions is an vital component of any world-class safety program and contribute significantly to employees' productivity, health, and well-being by reducing risk, boosting morale, and creating employee trust. 

Although we are transitioning to a new look, our mission hasn't changed!

Our mission is to make people and organizations better tomorrow than they were today. You want an MSK partner that has your back and can help you keep your workforce free of strains, sprains, and back pain. We value a positive safety culture where we work together to create trust and deliver results. Our team is obsessed with preventing injuries, providing optimal care for your employees, and creating an environment where employees feel safe and valued.

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