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WorkWell Expands Occupational Telehealth Services to Corporate Remote Locations for Improved Workplace Safety

Today we announced a new delivery model for our virtual musculoskeletal care services. WorkWell now delivers injury prevention treatment programs using a hub and spoke model to workers in remote or satellite locations. Although telehealth isn’t new, this new delivery model is new. Why is this important? 

Organizations are increasingly moving to a hub and spoke model to support their employees located at remote or satellite locations from regional hubs or headquarters. WorkWell’s new services enable workers in these locations to benefit from WorkWell’s Onsite Physical Therapy Managed Services without having a physical clinic at each remote site.

Remote workers benefit WorkWell’s healthcare providers’ deep understanding of the employee’s work environment. That knowledge allows them to evaluate, assess, and treat workers in the context of their position, which expedites and improves care.

“Our expanded virtual care services give workers at satellite locations access to the latest injury prevention and treatment programs from WorkWell’s team of highly-trained healthcare providers,” said Karil Reibold, chief executive officer at WorkWell. “Via telehealth, these credentialed professionals can screen workers for pain or discomfort and recommend appropriate first aid or therapeutic exercises to improve an employee’s strength and flexibility.”

Our new expanded telehealth services benefit organizations by:

  • Expanding MSK care coverage to more locations with less cost
  • Enabling employees to get their questions and issues resolved faster reduces worker’s time out of work and productivity loss
  • Requiring no clinic space at remote corporate locations
  • Therapists from WorkWell’s Onsite Managed Services site can visit satellite locations regularly or as needed.
  • WorkWell oversees standardized clinical programs across hub and satellite locations to optimize efficiencies and patient outcomes.
  • Helping organizations improve their safety culture for injury prevention and employee retention

The dual challenges of a tight labor market and the great resignation have increased pressure on companies to retain employees. With so many employees looking elsewhere for work, it is critical to ensure you are doing all you can to retain your employees. Implementing proactive retention measures that nurture talent and create a culture of caring and safety is critical.

Musculoskeletal (MSK) wellness is the foundation of an Employee Total Wellness Program. That’s because MSK disorders such as sprains and strains that affect the human body’s movement are the costliest and most common workplace injuries. Back pain alone costs employers more than 6 billion dollars each year and leads to more than 264 million lost workdays each year.

And the long-term effects of MSK injuries on workers are devastating with the loss of wages, depression, anxiety, and the inability to move without chronic pain. 

WorkWell is an industry leader offering comprehensive health and wellness solutions that address your workers’ MSK needs -- the foundation of an Employee Total Wellness program. Our expertise provides a positive and consistent experience and addresses workers at all stages of their employment journey—from hire to retire, and all stages in between.

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