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Returning Workers Fitness Guide

As coronavirus restrictions ease and businesses phase in their reopening plans, there is no better time to strategize for your employees’ safe return to work. The stay at home, sedentary pandemic lifestyle brings workforce physical readiness into question and needs to be addressed head on.

Avoid a jump in injury claims and costs with WorkWells’s new guide on how to prepare your workforce. As you re-hire and get employees to the floor fast, consider the highly practical tips and coaching ideas that you can implement today.

The guide offers information you can share with workers currently at home and the specific programs you’ll need to have in place when they return.

Topics include:

  • How to build endurance and maintain strength at home
  • Ways to avoid weight gain with good nutrition
  • What to prepare for workers recovering from COVID-19
  • How to orient/re-orient workers in physically demanding roles

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