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Stress Management Tipsfor the Workplace

People deal with stress in a myriad of ways. Some press on and find a way to focus, while others may become overwhelmed and scattered. Whether changes happen in personal or professional lives, the repercussions undoubtedly spill over into both work and home life. Employers can help their workers with the following tips.

  • Take a break – change activities (mentally/physically), get outdoors, take a walk, exercise, breathing exercises/relaxation, listen to music – breaks are a simple evidence way to help offset stress effects.
  • Review work and home activities and re-prioritize –, reduce stress by postponing or changing some routines/projects (or making things easier), the “stress load” workers are facing can be reduced.
  • Sleep – in addition to helping workers stay healthy, regular sleep patterns help minimize exhaustion associated with stress.
  • Stay connected to corporate values and community – helping workers perception/connection to the fundamental reasons and value and benefits of work can offset cynicism.  Connecting with friends, family, and community online, via email, watch parties, etc. also helps remind us we are connected and share our experiences.
  • Help people reflect on their accomplishments and the meaning that has for others – feeling effective has a positive impact on reducing the burden of stress.

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