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New Industrial and Office Ergonomics Programs from WorkWell

Today WorkWell announced significant enhancements to its Industrial and Office Ergonomic Assessment Programs as part of its Managed Onsite PT clinics programs that help prevent injuries and encourage safer work and postural practices. The new components of the program leverage best practices of WorkWell’s Ergonomics On-Demand! Program, which gives onsite physical and occupational therapists a standard suite of tools to conduct ergonomic analyses and make recommendations for interventions to minimize injury risks.

The bulk of workplace injuries are the result of poor workplace ergonomics. Jobs requiring heavy lifting, repetitive motions, or awkward postures put workers at risk for injuries, especially for assembly line industrial workers and office staff. By implementing ergonomic processes in the workplace, organizations can dramatically reduce musculoskeletal (MSK) injuries and help improve worker performance and productivity. 

“Our enhanced Ergonomic Assessments give our Managed Onsite PT clients a proactive and programmatic way to identify potential injury-causing situations before they happen,” said Karil Reibold, Chief Executive Officer at WorkWell. “Onsite Managed PT Clinics provide a preemptive approach to workplace safety that supports Employee Total Health & Wellness programs which are essential to recruiting and retaining employees in these challenging times.”

Ergonomic Assessments

Thorough ergonomic assessments formally evaluate employees’ work tasks and work setup to assess injury risk and are foundational to creating a safer, healthier work environment. At WorkWell’s Managed PT Clinics, highly trained professionals perform the assessments as part of the regular worksite rounds. These multi-step assessments produce detailed, actionable reports of workplace risk factors such as uncomfortable postures, poorly designed workstations, or repetitive tasks and recommended strategies for work modifications.

Managed Onsite PT Clinics

WorkWell’s Managed Services allows companies to completely outsource their Onsite PT Clinics to WorkWell, including entire clinic set-up, staffing with specialized physical therapists and occupational therapists, compliance reporting, and ongoing clinic management. In addition, a team of WorkWell experts in compliance, best practices, ergonomics, and occupational MSK supports Onsite PT clinics.

Onsite PT

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