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WorkWell Unveils New Ergonomics On-Demand! Training

Ergonomics is central to everything we do at WorkWell to boost workplace safety. Implementing ergonomic processes in the workplace reduces musculoskeletal (MSK) injuries and helps improve worker performance and productivity. As experts in manufacturing ergonomics, we have been offering training on ergonomics for many years. Now we are offering a new twist on our training - WorkWell’s Ergonomics On-Demand!. This innovative new on-demand ergonomics learning program provides modular, self-paced training to help healthcare professionals integrate practical ergonomics applications into their practices.

Developed by ergonomics luminary Mark Anderson, this exciting program focuses on improving workplace safety in office and manufacturing work environments. The training program gives physical and occupational therapists the tools they need to perform ergonomic analysis and generate reasonable and feasible ergonomic recommendations for intervention to minimize injury risks in both manufacturing and office environments.

A Systematic Approach to Training

Ergonomics On-Demand! presents a systematic approach to ergonomics analysis through interactive, self-directed lectures and a practical “toolbox” full of short experiential case studies. The program is administered through the WorkWell Provider Learning Center, enabling participants access to ongoing WorkWell clinical support as they go through training and access to a community of occupational-health-focused providers for questions and answers following training.

  • The course offers training, tools, and forms participants can begin using right after the training, including an Ergonomics Risk Screen, which shows corrective steps and their impact in an easy-to-read format.
  • Self-paced and convenient
  • The course is comprised of 10 lectures and includes both manufacturing and office ergonomics.
  • Approximately 10 hours of learning
  • American Occupational Therapy Association (AOTA) CEUs

Developed by Internationally Recognized Ergonomics Expert

Ergonomics On-Demand! was developed for WorkWell by Mark Anderson, a Board-certified professional ergonomist and physical therapist. Mark is an experienced consultant, instructor, internationally known ergonomics expert who has developed and implemented ergonomics consultation and training strategies for a wide range of companies, organizations, local, state, and federal government agencies.

Important Component of WorkWell’s Managed Onsite PT Program

“Today’s flexible work environment requires equally flexible learning options,” said Kristen Cederlind, Director of Clinical Services. “With WorkWell’s Ergonomics On-Demand!, healthcare professionals can complete training at their own pace and convenience, right from their computer. Workplace ergonomics are an important component of WorkWell’s Managed Onsite PT program, which helps organizations provide a safe working environment by taking proactive measures to identify injury risks and treat work-related injuries.”

 For more details and registration information, click here.  

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